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Pharmacist Oversight

We know physicians and nurses are busy treating patients. With polymicrobial infections on the rise, and bacteria becoming more resistant to different types of antibiotics, it can be a maze to identify what to prescribe. RML has partnered with Pharmacists to provide oversight* on results making recommendations for antibiotics.
*Pharmacist recommendations are based upon empirical data. We do not base results off of: Allergies, pregnancies, or any other factor. It is at the physicians sole discretion for the prescription of any antibiotics. If you have questions regarding a result, please reach us at: (833) 765-5227 to set up a call with one of our pharmacists.

Semi Quantified Results:
Rocky Mountain Laboratories understands that speed isn't everything. We know that getting the right information is crucial to correctly diagnose infections. We have developed semi-quantified results for: UTI, Wound, Women's Health.

RML works with our providers to ensure that your facilities have results next day. 

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